Alan's Writings

You can read Alan Zeichick's recent works in the following publications and Web sites:
On the Editorial Advisory Board for this online directory of technical books, geared for the working IT professional.
Regular contributions may be found in various portals in this leading online portal for software developers.
Alan is a Senior Contributing Editor to InfoWorld and the InfoWorld Test Center, a relationship that dates back to the late 1980s.
Linux Magazine
Since 2002, Alan has been writing hardware reviews and other stories for this leading Linux publication.
Red Herring
Contributing editor and writes a regular column for this leading-edge monthly magazine about the business of technology.
SD Times
Editor-in-chief and co-founder of BZ Media's semimonthly flagship publication, the first "newspaper of record" for software-development managers and industry; Alan writes editorial, news stories, and has a book review column.
Software Development Magazine
A Jolt Judge, and has been so since the awards began. He's been writing for the magazine since 1987; back then, it was called Computer Language.
Since the early 1980s, Alan has contributed more than 2,500 articles to the following print and Web-based publications:

01Informatique (France), 3D Design, 80 Micro, AI Expert, APCUG Reports, AutoCAD Tech Journal, Books24x7, Cadence, CD-ROM Lab Report, CD-ROM Review, C|NET, Computer Shopper, Computers in Science, ComputerWorld, Communication Systems Design, Contract Professional
Data General Micro World, DOS World (formerly DOS Resource Guide), Electronic Business, Embedded Attributes, Embedded Systems Programming, eMedia, Epson World, Forbes, Geneva News, HP World

I+Way, InfoWorld, InformationWeek, InternetWeek, LAN Times (South Africa), Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Mathematica Journal, Maximize Windows, Natvarlden (Sweden), Network Magazine (formerly LAN Magazine), Newsday, (formerly OS/2 Magazine, PC Companion, PC Games, PC Magazine, PC Resource, Planet IT, Portable 100, Portable Computing (formerly Portable Computer Review), Portable Office, Portable Program Review, Price Waterhouse Technology Forecast, Professional Computing

Red Herring, SD Times, Shareware Update, Small Business Computing & Communications,, Sm@rt Partner (formerly Sm@rt Reseller), Software Development Magazine (formerly Computer Language) Software Development International, Software Test & Performance.

Tandy 1000 News, Tandy 2000 News, Telehealth. UNIX Review, VAR (Value Added Reseller), Visual Basic Tech Journal, Wall Street & Technology, Washington Post, Web Techniques, Windows CE Tech Journal, Web Techniques,, Windows NT Systems,, ZDNet